Monday, September 23, 2013

The End is Near

Documenting some jamming sessions at Castlehaven; Darren's on the left, and Khalil's singing on the right. These dudes kill it. I can't believe how professional the tracks come out.

After my internship I had to make the long/kinda scary journey over to La Catrina. Credit to Mr. Alex Baez for introducing me to the glorious place. It's located right by the Brick Lane market, where we went yesterday, and it's a Mexican burrito restaurant/hole in the wall type place in the Boxpark (a collection of these black storage-looking stores)...and...on Monday nights...THEY SCREEN BREAKING BAD. Second to last episode aired tonight via Netflix (poor UK, getting it a day late- better late than never though). So I had me some burrito in true Los Pollos Breaking Bad spirit, and a pint (didn't get carded, holla). Walt's actually psychotic, Jesse has the worst luck on da planet, and Saul...can't call Saul anymore...the end is near and it is very real. The episode was just insane, not to mention the burrito was probably the best I've ever had......seriously. And I'm sorry about that, Moe's.

Breaking Bad, outside, and in London. And Mexican food, my sincerest gratitude for all the aforementioned. 

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