Thursday, September 19, 2013

Downton ABBEY?!?!?!

18 Sept, 9:50am British film professor references Breaking Bad for educational purposes. We have a new favorite professor, ladies and gents.

And 9:55am British film professor gets excited at the soundtrack of today's film, "Fish Tank," largely consisting of 90's R&B and rap. Ok, ok.

And side note, my supervisor at Castlehaven is obsessed with Breaking Bad. HOLLA this is wonderful. 

19 Sept, 3:25pm on my Oxford Street Adventure: Wonderful experience at the Asics store with the intention of buying an arm band for my iPhone/music while running. This lovely employee Damien and I spoke about London and studying and what a lovely conversation. It's so simple but I love talking to people and learning and exchanging and moving on. But I've got to do that more often. 

Another side note- Selfridges. This store came to my knowledge via Karen, my mother, via the Masterpiece Classic series "Selfridges," via PBS, which I believe she started watching to ease the pain of Downton Abbey's absence... and a huge p.s. here: wah-lah, season four is airing this Sunday, magical. Anyway, here it is, Kar. 





I found Selfridge's to be a much more manageable deptarment store over Harrod's or Harvey Nichols (the only two other department sores I've been to so far). Don't get me wrong, the place is still bumpin, but there's room to breathe if you feel me. And you should, breathing is good.

Another stop on my Oxford Street venture: Urban Outfitters. But this UO really just looked like an overpriced consignment store. Refer to the following evidence:




Thrilling stuff, people. Side note (the third one on this post if we're keeping track), I get lost uhhhh fairly almost always occasionally every single time I have an irreular destination. That might make my mother nervous, but the tube (subway) just saves my life and also, I run into cute little side streets and take photos like this. British flag in the rain, you kill me, you perfect creation. 


I had my internship scheduled for later in the day, freeing up the mid-day for the aforementioned exploration. And I got to sit in in some recording sessions for the Youth Project and it is just the coolest thing ever. The guy who has every step of the way covered is Darren, and the people (my age and younger) who sign up for a recording session will come in, go over lyrics, record tracks, and edit like crazy- adding beats, effects, etc- Really awesome. 

I'm learning some slang, some different ways of speaking. I'd say to Darren "That's good!"/"I like that!" And he just goes "Cheers." I figured out the meaning and intention of his "cheers" quickly and didn't bother discussing the cultural differences. I've also learned various words for male and female genitalia, but I will refrain.

And return journey...the dude's putting up the new ads for the next day.


Cue end of post, phew. 

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