Saturday, September 14, 2013

Grandpa Tommy

Oh Stonehenge, you are a bunch of rocks, but you are a famous bunch of rocks. 

However, these strawberries, cherries, and jams grown by this man's grandfather, Tommy, were way cooler, and not nearly as famous as they should be. They're grown about 10 miles from Stonehenge and if strawberries could talk these guys would be the most vibrant and vivacious beings around. Kudos, Grandpa Tommy. Stonehenge wouldn't have been the same with out you.


And English countryside, you are a dream. Green is everywhere, farms and those cute cows!!!! It's too good of a place. 

And finally our trip to good 'ol Bath, named for the Roman baths said to have magical lepracy healing and impregnating powers, yeah Google that. 

Various singers and performers came onto this main quad in front of this church. This guy's name is Jack Morgan, singing Let It Be. Pretty amazing.


Our lovely tour guide suggested picking up a "pasty," a food specialty in Bath. And oh just how special, I did not realize. It's really a hand-held pot pie and although that sounds so simple, it is the best piece of food I have had here. 


This is the craziest, happiest picture ever and I love it. A guy, Ryan, from our program was a scarecrow in another life. Mutual love, pigeon love, ain't it beautiful?   

The view from the top of the Roman baths. 

And the view from the bottom. Dirty water, don't drink. 

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