Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day Dos

Death by orientation today. Sleeping has recently made its way from a spot in my top five hobbies to number one, until at least the jet lag wears off.

During our three hour mid-day break a few of us had some lunch and then explored our program center's nearby attractions (around Cromwell Road).

Mozzarella and Pesto Burger 

After our pub visit, we walked through Kensington Gardens, and Hyde Park, equivalent to Central Park, we've heard. The DOGS; they are so cute and friendly and I wanted to take one. Aunt Linda, you would've died. Precious little creatures. A little fluffy one came galloping over to me with his/her baby legs after it peed on one of the park's statues. I loved that little fluff. 
Hyde Park

This is the National History Museum; enormous and all museums are free, which is A+.

National History Museum


At our associate college: Imperial College

For dinner we went to a place just a few minutes away and found this gem: Sicilian Avenue. Awesome food and just look at that, London and Sicily. I'm sold. 
For two nights now, we've gone out to dinner and see men and women in their office clothes hanging out outside their chosen pubs having beers. Very cool. 

Sicilian Ave after work

Margherita Pizza @ The Spaghetti House

We put too much effort into finding this youngin' his dessert.

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