Friday, September 20, 2013

Peanut Butter and FLUFF

Magical Turkish wraps, they are.


These wraps are just the best things EVER. Spinach, chicken, lettuce, feta, and spicy something whatever it is that makes y'all magical, hi I like you. I first experienced this goodness in my earlier days of London when I had ventured over to the Camden Markets, and since Castlehaven is nearly in the Markets themselves I plan on investing some pounds, currency wise and weight wise, in these babies. This pic is really from the first time I tried it, I was too engulfed to take a picture this time around.

Right down the road from the busy food and clothing stalls of Camden is this peaceful gem. 


Next adventure: My second attempt to find TK Maxx, the equivalent of TJ Maxx, and it is a success. Note to self: Look at street numbers and not the GPS, smart stuff.

I walk in to this glorious place and Ain't Too Proud To Beg by the Temptations comes on and I'm immediately soothed by the comforting sound of sixth grade Motown memories, odd as that is. It is overly crowded, but I don't care. And all those stupid products by the register line, yep they're there; their only purpose being for the last minute spenders to pick up and buy, and of course everybody does. And then just there, sitting so slyly and innocently, alongside two of its partners in crime, are these little darlings:


I thought I might've cried when I saw that Fluff right there. Oh, America. Oh, Grandma Betty and your peanut butter and fluff sandwiches at the picnic tables of the Seneca Park Zoo in the midst of a sweaty July afternoon, you are long gone but I am comforted by you in this crazy place.

One thing I didn't see in this TK Maxx was the extensive food section, or as I secretly call it, "Karen's isle," where my mom buys all our olive oil, weird jams, strange healthy snacks that I love, and fruity balsamic dressings. And thank god I didn't see it, or I really would've produced a tear and hidden in Karen's isle for 15 minutes. 

On the way back from that adventure, I stopped at this book store and bought A Farewell of Arms by Ernest Hemingway and Henry the IV by Bill Shakespeare. Shakespeare was on the border for purchase , but had little handwritten notes in it so I had to get it (for my APARTMENT OR HOPE CHEST SOMEDAY RIGHT?!?!, Karen joke). 

Now I'm really on my way back home, and these unknown but beautiful faces come up on a virtual advertisement. How lovely you look, Sunday is the day. 

And finally, a man in the Leicester Square tube station sings What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, ending a long and another whimsical day. 

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