Sunday, September 22, 2013

Men Are Wild

Brick Lane, I love you.

Your fresh food, I love you even more.

My new MJ and Elvis records, you'll fit right in with the rest of my collection at home.

And my new thrift store navy plaid flannel, let's chill tomorrow night, eh?

Today was a dream. Walking through the streets and by the food markets was a dream. There was too much to do, we didn't cover even a fraction of the place. But first I have to get this out here into the internet because I almost died taking this picture. Not died, but I was severely threatened by a foreign man, who I think was in charge of the set-up, don't know. It's weird, and kinda creepy. I kinda like it, and then I kinda don't. I might regret putting this picture in here later on.

And moving on: Thrift Store Heaven. So many thrift and vintage stores, I thought I'd died. There is a large emphasis on American logos, music, and hot spots. See the flashy Palm Springs jean jacket below, prime fashion. I had to snap that pic for dear ol' Grams out in Cali herself.

And again, food is incredible. So vibrant and fresh.

And backtracking to yesterday, Olivia ran a 10k (what, what!!!!!). I had to, it was technically on Wimbledon Grounds, super close to the actual Lawn Club itself, but we actually ran a little bit on a rugby/football pitch and made our way UP into some in woodland-type terrain (did I say UPHILL.....not expecting uphill). 

Three weeks, and I've already won Wimbledon. I have a medal with boys and girls wearing short shorts on it, that legitimizes it.

My first running BIB!!!!! Numba 201 holla

And FINALLY, Downton Abbey, Season 4 Premiere. Mary/dead Matthew drama, baby drama, new staff drama, drunk staff drama, money drama, and obviously estate drama; oh Drama Abbey you can never fail. And I didn't actually catch this when I tuned in, but Twitter helped me out, and found a ridiculous quote from tonight's episode via Edith...

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