Friday, September 6, 2013

Pinkies Down

1:00 am: first sleep disturbance by intoxicated individuals, American. Hey, legal drinking age. 

Nevertheless, FLAWLESS tube trip this morning after a bumpy trip yesterday morn. Subtle fist pump. I love our station and morning commute is so lovely and easy; when you first enter the station in the morning a man desperately makes sure to hand every person the morning paper.

Anddddd goodbye hot weather I h8 u, hello wonderful rain. Oh the rain! It smells like.... Rain. But it's famous London rain and I love you. 

Mid-morning break; again, hello.

Paul Maison de Qualité

Orientation story: 
     Police safety talk by two deputy detectives:
     A girl asks a question about downloading and streaming music, on pandora radio for example, and the copyright fines that go along with that here, as she was told in her housing orientation.   
     The officer: "Pandora? Is that a drink?"

Instructions for proper tea drinking:
1. Napkin on lap
2. Bag behind seat 
3. Sugar, tea, milk
4. Spoon behind cup, never in the cup
5. Finally, pinkies down 

Welcome to CAPA Tea at the Regency Hotel with Kendall
Austin, Emily, Jenny
One of many doors to come; for Karen.

Door #1

Scone and buttah and jahm

And in preparation for London fashion week starting next're welcome. 

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