Thursday, September 5, 2013


Alive!!!!!!! I made it to London and my supa cute but tiny flat this morning via American Airlines and Raj, our lovely taxi driver. And OH I hate red-eye flights, I felt like a dirt ball after it all. A positive though: having little legs to curl up in the seat, unlike my poor giant peer Austin, who was going mental when it came to leg room. He was busy talking to this older lady, Sue, for the majority of the flight. The dude seriously can't not network wherever he goes. Hopefully Sue took his mind off his length complications for a little.

Ok but importantly- food. First meal: Six of us sit down and here's Austin: "I like this place, it's so 'London'".... it was probably the most American-type eatery we will find in London. Burgers, fries (not chips), and shakes. It was quaint, but totally American.

On the way back from dinner, which was either so abnormally good or I just hadn't eaten in 18 hours, we stopped at this little quick grocery store market and I got some peanut butter, a regular in my life. Side note: At JFK we met a girl traveling home to northern England and mentioned food restrictions in the UK and how lax we are in the US...the healthy British foods are better than the American healthy foods because of the UK's restrictions. And the peanut butter that I just got IS DAMN GOOD. I knew instantly what she meant.

On the way back from the grocery store Jenny and I walked through a park that leads to the end of our street. It is the cutest park and I can see myself there all the time, hanging out with friends. There were so many people there just doing that, and relaxing after work.

fyi, communication essentials i've already learned:
imessage, viber: get on dat (free international calls and texts-texts only for imessage- when wifi is available)

Jumping into the swing of things real soon.

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