Sunday, September 8, 2013

Babies Play Football

Oh and the fun just can't stop. 

On the way to Primrose hill we see a children's football (soccer) camp. 

Football Babiez

At the top of Primrose Hill
Bridget Jones' Diary 2 @ Primrose Hill

The Camden Market/Camden Town area is the coolest area; so much to do, so many shops, so much FOOD. But really never enough. 

Food of every nationality possible. These lovely chicas made me and Jenny some Turkish spinach, feta, and chicken wraps.

Camden Market

Most of us have our internship interviews tomorrow and we went I find our companies before we got lost on interview day. Kaylah is at St. Mary's Hospital and LOOK WUT WE FOUND;

Lindo Wing

Diana & Charles, Kate & Will

Ran into this by TOTAL CHANCE. Imitation posed photo with peers to come.

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