Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sup, Bruv

Sept 24, 12:29pm
Camden Town Underground Station

A woman asks me for directions on the directions were correct. This is REVOLUTIONARY, people.

Sept 25, 6:18pm
Castlehaven Community Center
The Youth Project

A lovely girl at Castlehaven (year eight or eighth grade) says she's loves my accent...what. 

I don't work Wednesday nights because I thought I could never have the energy to communicate to anyone after a nonstop 9-5 day of classes, but I do tonight, and the Youth Project and I go to the theatre, so I kind of got out of talking in a way. We saw Zoonation, a modern dance performance I know both of my sisters would've loved. And the supervisor of all things ages 12-19 at Castlehaven, Phillippa, makes the world go round and life go on. She is so wonderful and I don't think I could've survived tagging along if it weren't for her unconditional energy and passion for humor and life.

As always, I'm glad I participated and as a result, I've learned new phrase thanks to Jordan, to which I and so many other London visitors, are often subjected to due to our lack of cultural and financial intelligence. "Takin' the mickey" out of someone = making a fool of them for their untintelligent and ignorant spending. So I now pray for intelligence and wits, and please don't take the Mickey out of me (I really don't know what I'm saying), and thank you.

Sept 26
Castlehaven Community Center 
Kids Klothes Shop/haven Youth Center

Kids Klothes with Amy today was such a good break from the busiest study abroad schedule I could've imagined. Baby/toddler clothes are donated and then the shop sells them to get some revenue for cool events (I think). And I want to wear all the clothes- the Finding Nemo baby grow (baby onesie suit) just killed me.

The Youth Project

Tonight's Agenda: Cinema Night!

Except we played pool instead. 

Julian, pictured right, is boss for the night, and I channeled my American Las Vegas baller in me and was a VICTOR over this man (I really won by default...white ball drops in after the black, you know the drill, apparently it really does count).

And this evening, I will tell you that I most likely changed some lives: I introduced Castlehaven's subjects to John Mayer. That's correct. INTRODUCING John Mayer. 

In return I am introduced to Katy B, Magnetic Men, and "bruv," the greeting equivalent to "bro," exchanged between mostly young men in the states. 

I thought about this word in my walk to the underground station and that it must've derived from "brother" aka "brovah" aka "bruvah" and finally to "bruv."

And this makes every second of a wonderful but exhausting day 150% worth it.

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