Thursday, September 12, 2013

Half Pint

Castlehaven Community Association aka the most perfect internship place EVA. My site supervisor Amy is the coolest woman- she's giving me so much room, for extra, activities! (Step brothas). Seriously though, I'm so VERY excited to get started with all the wonderful people at Castlehaven. 

Castlehaven is located just around the corner from one of the coolest markets in London, the Camden Markets. Anything out of Mary Poppin's freaking knapsack can be found in the Camden Markets. 

Art/Record Stall @ Camden Market

Positively one of the coolest pictures I have ever taken. Records and art galore. And the one below...books everywhere. Each hallway and each stall brings a different life out of me. The vintage traveler, the novelist, the theologian, the indie band enthusiast, the food lover.


Most awesome part of today though, the Dorchester crowd; my neighborhood family (in town for Mr. And Mrs. Seitz's daughter Katie's wedding). Mrs. Seitz is for sure the flyest lady around and she knows French and British beer and how to make any person feel welcome. She invited me to Katie's pub crawl, spanning four pubs in about five hours. 

Pub #1 @ ? 

Pub #2 @ Lamb and Flag

"Beer! Happy practice of our isle can sinewy strength impart, and wearied with fatigue and toil, can cheer each manly [or womanly] heart!"

Pub #3 @ ?

Pub #4 is a mystery. 

      11p.m. pizza. Hey, half pints.


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