Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slovakians Enjoy White Collar

Oct 5, 2013
Bishop's Park @ 3:30pm

Tennis try-outs, we meet again. And the second round has introduced me to Jana, of Slovakia. When we were informed that we had passed the second round, and the third rounds were to be held that night at 8:30 at the Queen's Club, where we would also have to wear only white...Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. 

So we had some time to kill and some white clothing to find. I went back to her PURPLE dorm housed by Imperial College London and cooked lunch/dinner and she introduced me to White Collar. 

   Shouldn't Stonehill have purple dorms as PURPLE IS OUR COLOUR?!?! 

Queen's Club

Oh, the Queen's Club. Jana and I walk into the Queen's Club feeling so not-posh and scurry like tiny ants to the women's courts to put on our borrowed white T-shirts.  

Countries among our tennis clan include Slovakia, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Trinidad, and hey humble America. Just call me international.

Jana, on the right, finds an eyelash on Raissa's cheek (left) and tells her to make a wish. Countries carry out this ritual differently. Raissa said in Lebanon you take your eyelash and pinch it between your pointer finger and thumb and choose what finger the eyelash will be on when you release. If you guess correctly your wish will come true.

My first pub outing without the usual American clan. PUB LYFE WITH REAL PUB GOERS. I love when they would ask me questions about the US. Of course my vowel pronunciations arise, but then also the Boston Marathon attack and 9/11 and my connection to both of those. I also tell them about the recent transformation of my language. For example, my recent excessive use of the word "quite" and the rearrangement of my words in sentences that Americans would think was so proper. Oh god.

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