Friday, October 18, 2013

Makin' Waves

Thanks for the welcome, zombie life. I have become not only an inhabitant of London, but a zombie. In and out, back and forth, here and there. I'm becoming overwhelmed. And it can'ttttttt stop, it won'tttt stoppppp, do I want it to stop? A little, maybe. But then maybe I don't. Can you tell I'm slightly delusional and am on a watch-any-decently-viewed-motivational-speech-from-2006 to 2009 binge on YouTube kind of mood? One more school/work/zombie week until fall break and mucho gratitude to that idea.

I began to meet with Darran today at Castlehaven, aka the coolest Irish dude I know-and this isn't on purpose that I say this right after, but I do think he might be the only Irish person I know. Nevertheless, he tries to reject the fact the he IS cool, though with one exception: A while back, he caught a glimpse of me eating a banana and gave me a "uh gross" type reaction as he explained that he can't eat bananas and that they make him vomit. I resisted revealing to him that I've eaten 7 bananas in one day, weary that on that uncomfortably warm day one's stomach might be particularly weaker, and fearful that he would vomit in front of me at the thought of experiencing multiple bananas at once. Bananas are a heavenly gift to this Earth.

He's also trying to bring out the business lady in me and I'm not even trying to evoke any of my previous business knowledge, seeing my extensive lack of business experience. But what the hell, I have a brain and ideas, let's see what that'll do.

Oct 18, 7:45
This game was absolutely incredddddible. I know a total of zero rules about rugby, but I learned some tonight and I'm so glad we could go to this game. Wembley Stadium (THIS ONE) was used for the opening ceremony of the Olympics last summer too (!!!!!). Insanely cool. Of course I'm scared of sports venue traffic and after the last second made my peers sprint to the tube station, and successfully avoided the waves of people. Forever a supporter of our London Sarees. 

My favorite picture: We try help a young boys' rugby league start the wave



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