Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Our last few hours in Scotland cease as Kendall and I head to England's Lake District via train.

October 26

We lucked out with our hostel in Edinburgh, especially with everybody we met there: French, Australian, and Californian. We were surprised when our female room turned into a non-female room and we were accomapanied by two very fit and outgoing (and half clothed) members of the Royal Australian Air Force, who contrasted the two timid French students also hosteling with us in Edinburgh. 

The Elephant House

The bathrooms of the Elephant House are shrines to Harry Potter and JK Rowling, who wrote books 1+2 in a corner table of the café. And as a Harry Pothead myself, I had to contribute, and I jotted a small remembrance to Aragog, the largely misunderstood King of the spiders where l could find some space to spare.

Apart from being the most creative place I've ever been to, the food was everything food should be. And I love their bread and hot chocolate and Sister Chloe would've loved it (HEY!). We went there twice for breakfast/lunch it was so good.

The seat in which the magic began overlooks Greyfriars Cemetery, home to the grave of a Thomas Riddel, aka TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE aka VOLDEMORT aka most EVIL LIVING being to exist in our world, yeah in our world. 

It chilled me to stand next to this grave, and I look quite uncomfortable in the picture I have where I stand next to it. The grave of a William McGonagall also rests in this cemetery, and it eased my spirit to discover him.  

Arthur's Seat

Kendall climbed up this in flats ok, the chick just flows. And it was so windy with wet Scottish weather. The view from the top (or almost top in the next picture...no laptop to upload pictures from my camera), overlooked all of Edinburgh and the port. 

The Royal Mile something something Inn/Pub...I can't remember the name of it...with baby Kendall. 

Stirling, Scotland

We only had a few hours in Stirling, so we didn't know what we were doing. We decided to visit the Wallace Monument, and started our detoured and extensively unnecessarily long walk and found a hang out at a farm on the side of the road. Oh did we have a jolly good time playing in the hay. 

And there's little Wallace in the background; it's so tall we could see it from the bus station so we followed it like the North Star to get there.

After the trek, we had another bus to Glasgow and after settling into our new hostel, we turned on New Girl, and turned down with a little R&R............

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