Friday, October 4, 2013

I Shook Up the World!

Oct 1st, 1pm
Imperial College London
Freshers' Fair

KIDS!!!!! Lovely, beautiful, energetic, passionate, wild, Ray-Ban branded faces looking as though half of you could work at Apple, British kids. For the first time I've been in London, I've never seen so many in one place: Welcome to the Freshers' Fair aka HEY WE COOL JOIN OUR CLUB TAKE OUR BROCHURE EAT THESE FREE SWEETS (candy). 

I'm talking about these students like they're animals, but it really was a water hole of kids, and hi, Olivia, nice to meet you. 

Oct 1, 8:30pm
BFI (British Film Institute)

This theatre is inSANE. Because of seating restrictions I sat behind the three flatmates and started a conversation with a guy who was also seated by himself. His name is Steve and he's a PhD student at Imperial College (I was there earlier that day, say what) and he's studying climate change in the rainforest WHAT. Crazy cool stuff. 

We saw a film called "Muhammed Ali's Greatest Fight." It explores Ali's rejection of the Vietnam draft, and four years later his appeal which by then had risen to the Supreme Court's attention. It's a great movie that features archive footage of Ali before, during, and after, his case. When he repeated "I shook up the world!" over and over again I was in awe. And HELLO there was a Q&A session with the main actor, director and screen writer (?) after the film was through. I felt like I was at Comic-Con and it was so cool hearing about the process and glitches and casting and AH I just love it. I can't wait for the British Film Festival starting the 9th of October. 

After-Film Q&A

Oct 2, 6:30pm

Shout out to Papa Gar for the hefty supply of Guido's Dark Chocolate covered Coconut; a pre-birthday wonder. 

Oct 2-3, Midnight

I am so grateful for the wonderful bunch of flatmates I have. I was ready for bed, then they were ready for cake, and then I was ready for cake, so THANK YOU!

I am in bed here ;)

Oct 3, 12pm
Kids Klothes

Amy is just THE BEST. Walk into the shop, say how we are ever so grateful how Jesse HAS LIVED, Walt successfully escaped prison via death and killing everybody but we still like him a little (?), that sly fox, and then she surprises me with this amazing chocolate cake and notes from all the best staff members. She has made me feel so at home so quickly and I wish her all the luck in the world running her half marathon this weekend!!!!

Oct 3, 7pm
Freud Bar

Night out, these chicks are awesome. 


And after a night of such good drinks, we sit in a gelato and eat quickly and silently. There, Kendall aka my soul mate, tells me thrilling stories of her life changing trip to Africa and languages and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and "ra ra shaken aka" is "goodnight" in an African language (I definitely spelled that wrong). It convinced me to go to Africa. The awful saving game will begin again.

As we leave the gelato shop, "Africa" by TOTO comes on guaranteeing a trip to Africa in my future.

That's my gf below. We still made time for oatmeal and pizza and Enya's "Only Time."

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