Friday, August 29, 2014

That 'Press Room' is as cool as it sounds

Wellllll well well. We have turned the corner at meet school time once again. After an incredibly revelatory summer spent working at Camp Cody in New Hampshire, I can sense that this year will be different from previous ones. I love knowing that I can learn something new everyday and be ever evolving. I think I underestimated myself before but now I feel kinda cool knowing that kind of info. And already, the beginning of this year at Stonehill has been filled with so much and I've only had two of my classes!!!

Last night I got to participate in a debate between the Democratic primary candidates for Massachusetts Attorney General at school (say whatttt). That was so, so cool. My favorite professor, who I feel like I've grown up with, Professor Boyle helped get me involved in this. I'd been in contact with professor of poli-sci and director of the Martin Institute at school Dr. Ubertaccio, and the debate moderator and editor of The Enterprise, The Patriot Ledger, and Gatehouse Media, Chazy Dowaliby, before hand. That was pretty real.

I get there, I get shown into the room which is labeled 'PRESS.' Yeah. I want to walk behind a 'Press' door a lot more. I mingled a lil, then I was starting to get a little anxious. Aside from people, I pulled out this natural spray stuff which is supposed to help reduce stress from Whole Foods which I think helped. Even if it's just the placebo effect, it worked. Then I was shown to my seat in the front row by Professor Ubertaccio's assistant, Noelle, who was lovely.

Debate was super cool; it was live streamed. Austin sat next to me and probably kept me more collective than I would've been naturally. I asked my question about sexual assault on college campuses and that fired things up a bit, I enjoyed that. Think I got into a promo photo for Stonehill's journalism program. This year I upgraded to 'News Editor' of the Summit (our school newspaper) and I'm SO psyched about it. As a result, or maybe not as a result, who knows… anyways I decided to not play tennis this year. But I plan to throw myself into other physical activities/hobbies. For example, I checked out some rock gyms cause I can, cause I got wheeeeeeeeels this year.

Anyways, feelin' good. Here's a pic from last night at the debate:

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