Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kicking Habits

There's a list of habits I should really kick. Eating lots of gummy vitamins. Should kick that one. Sometimes not always thinking positively, I should kick that one. Living in the past, that one too.

This week, the first school week after spring break, I learned that there is no point in dwelling in the past. I am so happy that I have had some amazing opportunities, but I a few weeks ago I'd been having a hard time accepting that those experiences are over (cough…London…cough…adventures every weekend).

Then, I had a hard time accepting everyone else around me, because I felt isolated that they weren't on my path (of living everyday wishing for an adventure, being passionate about improving all of humanity and communication, and hoping to one day explore the ends of the Earth…get the idea?).

But EPIPHANY: I realized (probably through help of a Buddhist or Taoist quote) that just because the people of Stonehill aren't on my wavelength doesn't mean it's the wrong wavelength. It's their own path and that's absolutely fine.

I truly believe that, subconsciously, I thought I was better than everybody else because I had experienced something so unique. And because of it, I was in a dark place. I dug my own hole and stayed in it, wallowing in my own pity.

Spring Break came and it was a cure. The Florida sun was like an elixer that was made only for me. And when I finally felt the warmth spread through my face for the first time in months I felt my body thaw and my spirit become warm.

I'm getting the hell out of the New England cold at my first chance.

Me & Mer

Me & Bails

I love this picture but it is so blurry. It looks like a picture of a picture.

Women's and Men's tennis; Our last Florida night! 

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