Friday, November 8, 2013


Today is a chill day. Why? Because after a cool week of cool things, Karen and Linda have arrived. Big news- watch out for their world take-over. I'll have to edit in a picture post publication to enhance the effect.

The O2, ATP Barclays World Tour Finals

Federer v. Djokovic- sayWHAAA

I sat in the O2 stadium, much like Madison Square as it hosts music, sports, and comedians, and watched these unbelievable players and observed the differences between them. And they did what they did best- along with showing how much of an a-hole Djokovic is. Clearly, not a huge fan of the gluten-free man (who's not even allergic to gluten...), but he was on point with his game (credit...) and he was the victor of the match.
Sadly, I missed my love Rafa, by mere hours as he illustrated his talents and strengths during the afternoon session. But I had to pick up a Spanish flag to remind myself of my allegiance.
Wednesday November 6
Vaudeville Theatre
Fellow flatmate Sally, aka goddess, suggested a few plays to attend and we decided on 'The Ladykillers.'
Delightful little play, and very comical.
A true delight though occurred on our alternate route home from the play. An alternate route means Christmas, in this case, and how lovely.

Friday November 8
I get a call from Aunt Linda at 7:30am and she's within distance at Heathrow and awaits Karen as her flight is delayed. Let the good times (with Karinda) roll!!!!!!!!!!

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