Monday, November 18, 2013

Garbage Plates and Cliff Jumping

Karen and Linda have parted, oh a sad parting but the week was just lovely. Mother got her Dulux paint and Linda her orb charm, and nothin else matters.

London Beauties
Don't they fit right in?!?!! Well the day they flew away I tried to follow by train but ended up in Pembrokeshire, Wales with Preseli Venture. And ohhhhhh what a weekend it has been so far.

I find myself back in Wales, southern Wales this time, and I might say it's my favorite country of all in the UK. Stay tuned for pics that I have to get developed via my waterproof disposable, techy+old school was the only way to go.

Upon arrival, I look at an itinerary and see the names of the others on the trip and the program they're in, which is Syracuse University. Oh I'm from Rochester. Oh me too! (Who is this?) He is the cousin of Kaitlynn Zaffuto, aka my high school doubles partner!!! So we talk about garbage plates.

But. Saturday. Kayaking (not capsizing[!!!]) was spectacular- rushing through narrow rocky paths like you would see on a Wii Fit balance game. We drifted into caves and were surprised by massive waves.

But coasteering. I know a few people who would LOVE this (ye u kno who u r). I wasn't sure of the actual definition of "coasteering" but that's okay because I lived the coasteering life for three hours and I know now. Imagine: BAM, hey suctioned wet suit, are you too tight? No you're just right but oh you are uncomfortable at first. But then I warm up to you on the van ride to the coast and we are friends because the first time I jump off the costal cliffs and come face to face with the frigid water you protect me and give me... warmth...? Yeah, thank the lord for that wet suit, doin it's job like a bamf, or a really solid wetsuit. Weird how it works, really. So jumpin off cliffs, now we're swimming in caves, scraping our hands against the lifeless looking creatures who look like shells stuck to the  large rocks in the water and on the coast, and it is better than any dream.

But wait (infomercial reference), if this place could get any better it would be an afterlife paradise. Because the dessert for the night is blackberry and black currant cobbler with hot custard. I want to live here and be fed. The food was nothing less than incredible, just like the day's activities.

The next day is Sunday (echo Sunday.....). Football Sundays, I miss that NFL theme song. The morning consists of a supa kool hike on the coast, this time in the more grassy and sheepy land.

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