Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rows of Stone

Last week it started to hit me that the term is coming to an end. But we have a lot of work to do (sucks).

I did manage to make it to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to see some CAPA students perform A Winter's Tale- 'twas frigid; there isn't a roof...probably save a lot on heating.

I also tragically missed Thanksgiving. Technically CAPA threw us a dinner at a Holiday Inn but England doesn't really understand... B- for effort.

Thank GOD I went to see Meg this weekend. And bless her, she and her roommates made their own Thanksgiving and it was 7887465637769% better than Holiday Inn....... That was a first and last kind of experience.

She showed me around during Friday afternoon and the town is so pleasant and very different from London. And I had my first pint of Guinness at Tig Coili.

First Guinness

Galway Bay

Visiting Meg in Galway was my favorite trip (glad I saved it for last) and I needed to see her. Friday night was just magical. We went to four pubs, all walking distance, that was amazing, no tubes, no night buses. My favorite was The King's Head, tooooooo fun.

The King's Head

Saturday was Aran Islands day, WHERE WE ALMOST DIED. No, but we got really lost and thought we were going to miss the ferry back to Galway and started to freak out when we couldn't find the spot where we left our bikes, when we went on a slightly rocky (sarcasm) excursion from the path. Not our fault, there was at least 20 "rows of stone," as Meg put it, that looked exactly the same.

Around ish where we got lost

I would go back to Galway for this donut. And I need to bring Tara because she would eat five. Cooked right in front of me. Sugar and cinnamon. Oh my god, I couldn't talk to Meg for a good minute; I had to take it in. 

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